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Leá Monde

Where Fandom Goes to Die... an Incomplete Death.

Leá Monde
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...Just like Leá Monde's inhabitants, the fandom rises again and again...

Destroyed years ago by a great quake, the city of Leá Monde, known as the city of Müllenkamp, held a great power and many secrets. The LJ community of lea_monde, moderated by mullenkamp, is not especially powerful, but may very well hold a few secrets...

Vagrant Story was an excellent Playstation game which, despite being given the elusive 40/40 rating by Famitsu, never quite got the attention it deserved. Our aim is to inform and entertain those who still love it, those who forgot about it, and those who never had the chance to play it, by way of discussion, pimpage, and various fannish activities.

Just, er, look out for the zombies. And for crying out loud, put on some pants.