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Vagrant Story meme

It's been quiet here lately.. so I thought I'd post this here too, in case people like to doodle. :) And to those who don't know, a meme is a set of questions which you answer by drawing pictures. I think people use screenshots as answers too.. do as you like!

Vagrant Story meme

I posted this originally in DeviantART, but I don't think everyone goes there, so.. here are some tips copypasted:

Pardon me for any language mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker, nor a connoisseur of old english language. I just tried to follow the snowflies.

To clear things up, here are the simplified questions:

1. Which Vagrant Story profession/class would you belong to?
2. Which enemy creature would you be?
3. Design your unique weapon.
4. What would your break art or magic spell look like, and what would it do?
5. What would your reaction be if you found the Blood Sin (Sydney's tattoo) on your back?
6. Who is/are your favourite character/s?
7. Draw yourself and some of the characters in a picnic somewhere in Leá Monde (or elsewhere in Vagrant Story world).
8. If you could give an advice to a character, what would you say and to whom?
9. Give wine to a character (or several characters) and draw what they do when they're drunk.
10. Draw how you would get out of the Snowfly Forest.
11. Draw some characters dancing like Müllenkamp (the lady in the opening movie).
12. Draw some of the characters with a new hair style.
13. Draw the character with the best pair of pants (in your opinion).
14. Tag people, or just leave a comment.
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