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Sleeps With Coyotes

I'm really sort of bad at, in public.

And lo, nine months pass, and there's another ridiculous big list of ficlinks and um...crack. And AUs. Mostly AUs, but I'm not going to lie about the crack.

Verisimilitude -
A walk in Old Archades.
(Ashley/Sydney 10K)

Rare Books -
A walk in Valnain.
(Ashley/Sydney 16K)

Shadowed -
Sydney makes an incredibly bad harem slave. No, really.
(OMC/Sydney, Ashley/Sydney 109K)

Dawn -
Something he can never have.
(Grissom/Samantha 7K)
(squick warning!)

Vulnerability -
He's not very good at giving in.
(Sydney/Hardin 7K)

Anchorage -
You don't ever really get to choose who you'll be trapped on a desert island with.
(Ashley/Sydney 67K)

Erase, Rewrite, Restore -
Someone should show a little more respect for urban legends.
(Ashley/Sydney 32K)

Glimpses -
Sequel to Etching -
Forewarned does not necessarily equal forearmed.
(Ashley/Sydney 24K)

Led -
They've been doing this all wrong.
(Ashley/Sydney 26K)

Crossovers - Yes, I have a huge fondness for crossovers, but it doesn't help that I'm terminally weak to challenges of any sort, and, well, a lot of them just happened to be crossovers. Also I'm asking for random prompts at the moment if you're interested and have an InsaneJournal; if you'd like more VS, feel free to make a request here. *coff* Oh yes, I am weak to prompts. *hearts*

Kingdom Hearts/Vagrant Story

Heir -
Sequel to "Unlock" -
So he died. So what?
(Joshua/Sora 12K)

Audentia -
A recruitment does not quite go as planned.
(Sydney/Axel 31K)

Break -
A brief discussion between battles.
(Sydney, Riku 11K)

Less -
Close but not quite.
(Axel, Ashley 18K)

Final Fantasy VII/Vagrant Story

Summons -
There's such an enormous difference, after all.
(Cloud/Kadaj, Ashley/Sydney 8K)

Adoptive -
Sequel to "Summons"
Custody, post-battle.
(Ashley/Sydney, Kadaj/Loz? 20K)

From the Casebooks of Strife and Riot -
They can solve your problems, but you have to get past the secretary first.
(Ashley/Sydney, pre-Zack/Aeris/Cloud 13K)

Hit the Ground Running -
It's sort of like a pilgrimage, but with property damage.
(Cloud/Sydney 116K)

Lure -
Sequel to "Hit the Ground Running"
Stubborn is as stubborn does.
(Cloud/Sydney 27K)

Supplicant -
A one-winged angel walks into a bar....
(Ashley, Sephiroth 11K)

Saiyuki/Vagrant Story

Holding the High Ground -
Just one of the many hazards of technomagical resurrection.
(Sanzo, Sydney 23K)
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