Sleeps With Coyotes (ciceqi) wrote in lea_monde,
Sleeps With Coyotes

*waves hello*

As a sort of celebration for updating my site for the first time in two years...have some links?

Also I should warn you that I like AUs. A lot. Like...really a lot. And also I am weak to challenges. Heh. *is nearly positive that everything but the crackfic is challengefic*

Artisan -
Ashley thinks the city just likes Sydney better. Pure. Freaking. Crack. Ivalice made me do it.
(Ashley/Sydney, crack)

Borders -
Just like Obi-Wan, striking him down only makes him stronger.
(Ashley/Sydney, postgame)

Cold -
When it's over, it's over.
(Ashley/Sydney, Sydney/Hardin, AU)

Etching -
He's good at taming wild things.
(Ashley/Sydney, AU)

Followers -
In which the Dark always gets what it wants.
(Ashley/Sydney, Sydney/Hardin, postgame)

Forgetting -
Ashley forgets.

Kept -
This is what happens when there are no save files to reload.
(Ashley, Sydney, postgame AU)

Like Cats and Dogs -
So do you warn for ears and tails when it's the entire point of writing the fic?
(Ashley/Sydney, AU)

Needed -
A fugitive and a prophet walk into a bar....
(Sydney/Hardin, pregame)

Rosemary -
Ashley's forgotten more than he thinks.
(Ashley/Sydney, pregame AU)

Transform -
Sydney is laughing at him. He can tell.
(Ashley/Sydney, postgame)

Home -
Home is where they put you back together again.
(Sydney/Axel, Kingdom Hearts II crossover)
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