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Oh, heck yeah.

After rekindling my love for this game (Read: Contributing my annual game completion per year of ownership), I so have to join this community. XD

I'm currently on my... fifth game of this file (for a total of 9 games played, finished or no, across two files), and have established what I'm missing in terms of abilities and insanity:

The Banish Spell
The... Other... 6 Risk Defense ability.
A couple dozen Break Arts
Holy Win (of course.)
Romphaieaiasiyaouaiayaia. Again, naturally.
And all the Dread/Hoplike/Jazeraint stuff.

But I don't care about the last part. For this game, I'm going all Leather armor, and going through MOST of the game with my fists so that I can get that last Defense Ability, since I have about 1300 points left to get it, and I'm killing everything with one hit when I use a blade. That's not cool.

Well, that's MY intro post. XD Keep the faith, Riskbreakers!
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