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Something you don't see every day... VS cosplay!

This last weekend was Anime Central, which I have cosplayed Sydney at for the last three years. The first year, it was just me, and people thought I was Ed Elric (hence the icon). The second year, I brought akatonbo as Hardin, and we had a few more people recognize us, though not so many. This year, mithrigil joined us as Müllenkamp, and three seems to be the magic number for recognition. Which was fortunate for her too, since apparently last time she wore this to a con, people kept thinking she was Princess Leia in the slave outfit. -_-

At any rate, the three of us were photographed a lot, and took lots of pictures ourselves. I admit a bias towards slashy Sydney/Hardin, because they're my favorite OTP and we were too busy finishing Hardin last year to take many pictures. But there are some pictures of just about every combination of us three here, since the third would conveniently step back to take the pictures. ;)

"We are friends, are we not? Put your trust in me, friend."

And then there were the shots of Sydney dancing with the Lady, which are somewhat fic illustration.

Sydney was dancing in a circle around the phantom woman, drawing the scarf through the air in an arc as he spun, the half-cape he wore flaring out behind him. Hardin watched, spellbound, as Sydney's light steps led him around the fire almost to where Hardin sat. He and the woman turned their backs to each other, but still remained perfectly synchronized as they wound their scarves around their wrists, raising their arms overhead again as they swayed in unison.

And here we have some blatant fic illustrations featuring Müllenkamp and Hardin.

Expecting to feel the far wall of the cell behind him, he was startled when his back pressed against something much softer - something that jingled as he jostled it - and slender arms encircled with golden armlets reached forward to surround him.

The slim figure sat upright, and though he still could not make out the features of his mysterious visitor, the chiming of gold against gold finally found its place in Hardin's mind, telling him who it was that now sat atop him, and he froze at the realization. As anxious as this should have made him, he could not bring himself to be entirely afraid, for long, slender legs straddled his, and soft lips nuzzled against his shoulder, slowly moving across to nibble at his neck playfully.

And a few pics of the Lady dancing by herself. If she had the chance, she'd ask the world to dance.

While we were out in the garden, we also attracted the attention of's Eurobeat King, who took 20 images of us together, as individuals, and various combinations. Just now happened to see that he got them uploaded.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

There are more pics than just the ones in this post in the gallery. All are technically worksafe, but some are... well, incredibly suggestive. Not just because someone's wearing a gold bikini.
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