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Fic post

Over the last week, I've finally gotten around to formatting and posting a few VS fics that have been sitting finished on my HD for awhile, including the last few chapters of the multichapter one I had started posting. The last two are shorter, and pretty much FFXII-inspired character torture for Hardin. (You'd never guess I actually really like the guy, given what I put him through via fic.) As linked in my own journal:

Between - The long one, finished at last. This really is the happiest ending I could possibly give my favorite OTP, given the canon, and that's really rather sad.
Four Years - In which the assignment of a particular task at the siege of the manor brings back many memories for Hardin.
A Summons - Hardin never believed the faerie tales until Sydney brought them to life for him. Why not put another old tale to the test?

I'd post the PWP that follows Between, also, if I had a good place for it. Come to think of it, I need to find a good place to put all the VS pr0n.
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