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It's sharing time!

...though what follows is definitely not appropriate for children. :D

yaoi_challenge recently hosted an Obscure Fandom Challenge, and everyone's favorite game-of-no-pants was one of the fandoms selected for inclusion. The challenge ended Friday and the reveal happened last night, so we are now all free to pimp our wares anywhere and everywhere. And damn if there wasn't some fic that needs pimping.

Needed by ciceqi
Sydney/Hardin; R, pregame. A fugitive and a prophet walk into a bar....
A persuasively plausible alternative for how Hardin came to join the team, and it ventures down a path at the end that is quite yummy, albeit short-lived.

Followers by ciceqi
Ashley/Sydney, hints of Sydney/Hardin; G, pre-, mid-, and postgame. In which the Dark always gets what it wants.
I requested this one, and she just *ran* with it in the best possible way.

The Raging Sea by miang don't hit me
Ashley/Sydney; NC-17, midgame. Ashley is confused, Sydney takes advantage, and the shadows keep on changing...
Two people requested Sydney being a manipulative bastard, and two people definitely got what they came for. It's also here if you want the part where I wax philosophical about the writing process. Didn't think so. :Þ

And y'know, while I'm at it, on the low low chance that anyone else out there hasn't completely rejected Ashley/Sydney yet but hasn't seen this: Into the Dark (Ashley/Sydney; PG-13, endgame), 50 sentences for that pairing. It has nothing even remotely to do with the other challenge, but it is set up to make a coherent story, and dammit, it is hands down my favorite of anything I've ever written.

Okay, I'll be good now. At least those of you ensconced in FFXII fandom might get a kick out of my alias for the challenge? *looks around* *crickets* ...
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