Plotinus tl;dr Anon (mullenkamp) wrote in lea_monde,
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It's been quiet for awhile now, so how about something... controversial?

Bleem screencap by lakupo, stupid text by me.

Poll #968750 The question of Hardin's pants.

Is the butt of Hardin's pants cut out, or is he wearing a leather thong?

They're cut out - Sydney likes it that way.
It's a thong - he needs extra protection from Sydney.
I have no idea, but thank you for the excuse to stare at Hardin's butt.
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Would you mind if I steal your icon and the Hardin pic to make a colorbar?
Not at all, because given what you want to steal, I can only assume that this would be a colorbar of which I would approve. ;) (I also have a design sketch of Müllenkamp that I got from the official site years ago, which shows her from behind... which also goes with that theme.)
That'd be great! I could always use more buttshots lol
Uh, I guess they're kind of like a thong over his pants. But what the hell. Doesn't that make the call of nature more difficult on him?o_O