Explosive Decompression (runaire) wrote in lea_monde,
Explosive Decompression

I HAD to get in on this.

Wow, didn't realize there was a Vagrant Story community until I randomly poked about interests...three cheers, regardless! It's nice to see this game get some attention. (Heck, any Matsuno title, FF12's only feeding prior obsessions.)

So...in regard to fannish activities, are there any particular guidelines? The fanart bug likes to bite me and I wouldn't mind tossing a few things in to get a little activity going.

Because the ridiculous lack of pants isn't enough. Especially you, Hardin. *POINT*

EDIT: Meant to get to this sooner, but! Since things are peachy keen on posting, I'm throwing in a bit of fanart. :D

And then there was Ashley.

I really wish there was a collection of Akihiko Yoshida's works somewhere, because there's a sad lack of references and the picture of Hardin I DO have is too bloody small. I don't think the in-game graphics would help me much, either. ;_;
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